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The Clinical Manager™ client software runs without modification under Windows 2000 or later, Mac OS X and some distributions of the Linux operating system. Computers on a single network may run any one or any combination of these platforms.  Almost any PC manufactured in the last three years will have enough memory, hard disk space and processor speed to run TCM.


  • The graphical user interface allows access to any other applications and supports cut and paste technology between them.

  • Navigation tools allow easy access to different screens and multiple consumers without losing data.

  • We provide services for the customization of screens and screen flow sequences, including the addition of customer-specific data elements to fields and screens.

  • Each screen has on-line help.

The Clinical Manager™ software is available in one of two configurations: (1) a closed, multi-user File Server-based database system accessing a shared networked data file or (2) an open, client/server system running both client and server software.


The level of technical skills for all parties is minimal with the File Server-based system, while the client/server system requires a higher level of technical expertise from the database administrator.


  • Level of technical skills and effort required at the corporate office:

    No special skills needed.

  • Level of technical support needed at regional offices and satellite sites:

    No special skills needed.

  • Skills required of database administrators and system support staff:

No special considerations. Staff must be able to manage the installed network hardware and software. With the client/server system, staff must understand support needs of transaction processing server software used.

  • Skills required to extract various reports and data for analysis:

  • All reporting needs can be met with customized report generators. For more flexibility, customers can extract data using SQL for which a thorough knowledge of SQL and an understanding of the database structure is required.  Customers under a regular support contract may receive help in constructing SQL statements and learning the database structure.

  • Skills required to customize the system for changing program needs:

  • All customization must be provided by CDS staff.

  • Requirements for alternate shifts and/or additional staff for technical support sites:

  • No special skills needed.

Technical Requirements

Despite its sophistication, TCM is remarkably easy to deploy and maintain.  It will run on nearly all of the latest PCs and is flexible as to what operating systems and platforms it can run on.  As your organization grows, TCM will be able to support you every step of the way

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