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Our Mission


To provide agencies that serve individuals and families with behavioral health issues, alcohol and other drug problems, or conditions of severe stress, with cost effective access to technology needed to manage services that help their clients live their lives in ways that are healthy, productive, meaningful and satisfying to them.

Have Your Own Accessible and Up-To-Date Case Management Data System with The Clinical Manager™ from Clinical Data Solutions

Clinical Data Solutions developed The Clinical Manager™ (TCM) to serve diversified systems that are constantly in transition. As the needs of these systems change, so must our information systems. Managed care and other fundamental changes in the way services are funded require a flexible and powerful technology. The most recent significant development has been in the design of systems to preauthorize, coordinate, track and issue payment for services provided under the managed care wrap-around model. New systems that are developed and tested at CDS are incorporated into The Clinical Manager™ as appropriate.

CDS has years of experience developing management information systems for clinical and administrative services in the behavioral healthcare field.  The resulting systems and the expertise acquired by our staff have led to our being recognized as a national leader in this area.

The Clinical Manager™ software helps you manage everything to do with client and treatment records easily and accurately. Put to the test in both large and small treatment settings, The Clinical Manager does more than computerize your operations; it lets you actively monitor all aspects of care – from intake and assessment to treatment and referral. It is a complete case management information system, configured by you to meet your health care agency's own specific needs.

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