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The Clinical Manager™ has a HIPAA compliant sophisticated security system that allows group-level and individual-level access to all parts of the system.  Access is given to users within the database by screen, function and/or user status as follows:


  • Users are first given view only, view/edit, edit/delete or no access to each screen.

  • If appropriate, users are given access to certain features (modifying maintenance files, ad hoc reporting, etc.)

  • Clinical case managers can be limited to accessing data on their cases only or by Program.

  • Most tables keep audit trails of record changes.

Backing up and restoring data is handled through established network and server protocols that are in place. CDS can help you develop such procedures if they are not currently in place.

System Security

Security is a vital component of any computer system.  TCM allows a high degree of granular control over who has access to data.  Whether you need control at the group, user or even down to the individual function level, TCM gives you that ability.

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