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Service & Support

On-Site Coordination and Support Services

The amount of on-site services depends on (1) the level of expertise of the customer’s permanent staff, and (2) the type of system that is installed. An experienced staff can provide installation and ongoing hardware support with little or no on-site help.


Technical and User Training

The level of technical and user training also depends upon the internal resources available to the customer. It is often preferable to develop on-site expertise to coordinate and manage the internal development and implementation of the system.



Full documentation is provided. Customization can be documented by the customer or by CDS at the customer’s choice.


Consulting Services

We provide all the following services:

  • Project management

  • Data migration software development

  • Application design and forms development

  • Interface design and/or development

  • Business analysis and system mapping



Ongoing Support and System Maintenance


We provide unlimited and immediate phone and fax support to licensed users covered by a maintenance contract between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM central time. The typical response time for calls outside normal working hours is one business day.


System enhancements required by customers are provided as needed on a cost-per-project basis. While we retain ownership of all customizations, we share such customization with our entire user base if appropriate.


We offer a remote Change Management System that automates the deployment of new releases to users of The Clinical Manager™.


Support for third-party products used by the customer must be arranged with those parties unless specifically covered in our maintenance agreement.

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