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The Clinical Manager™ offers a report builder that allows users to run a variety of pre-designed reports that can be built based on a wide variety of user-defined parameters and qualified and grouped by a number of preset data elements. Examples include but are not limited to the following:


  • Consumer fact sheets

  • Referral summaries

  • Assessment summaries

  • Plan of care summaries

  • Service delivery patterns and utilization reports

  • Outcome data and program evaluation

  • Patterns of consumer need and risk factors

  • Placements and Court Histories

  • Baseline (point of program entry) vs. graduation/termination of services

  • Authorized service and utilization comparisons

  • Consumer data and number of open cases for a specific time period

  • Consumer satisfaction reports

Data can be grouped by such elements as provider, program, service activity, location, referral source, level of education, diagnosis, race/ethnicity, case manager, living arrangement and more.  TCM’s grouping and sorting feature allows data to be reported in a virtually unlimited variety of ways 


An ad hoc report-writer allows users to design ad hoc reports.  Users with expertise using SQL can also export data for import into third party statistical packages, spreadsheets or databases.  Such access to all data elements for ad hoc reporting requires high-level system security with significant associated system privilege.


Drawing on its data-driven design, TCM allows end users to run sophisticated and detailed reports on all parts of the system.  With in excess of 500 different reports in TCM, there are virtually unlimited ways of reporting your data, organized how you want it, when you want it.

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