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The Clinical Manager™ allows case administrators to assign a consumer as “Sequestered” if they themselves are assigned that right in TCM’s security module.  Once a consumer is sequestered, all staff members, regardless of other security options set for them, require special access to view that consumer’s data, including name.  This access is granted on a client-by-client basis.


Staff members may be granted access to client data individually or by administrator-defined staff groups.  The use of groups to bind together common security access is used throughout TCM.  When a staff member is added to a group, that person is automatically granted data access to all clients that are linked to that group.  Likewise, as soon as a staff member is removed from a group, that person no longer has that access.

Consumer Sequestering

The ability to protect a consumer’s privacy is expanding in complexity.  Having a sophisticated case management system at your fingertips allows you to manage that complexity with a minimum of effort.  We have integrated the ability to sequester consumers into our system so that only staff who are specifically allowed to can access a sequestered consumer’s information.

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