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The Clinical Manager™ is designed to track information historically by program. A unique internal identifier is allocated for each consumer record which is used as a primary key for all related data. All other primary tables that have related data contain similar unique primary keys, as do all maintenance (lookup) tables. Agencies may also use their own identifying codes for consumers.


The Clinical Manager™ uses a consumer locator window that allows users to find consumers by a variety of ways such as name, date of birth, address, client ID, Social Security Number, MCI Number, and many more.


It is our philosophy never to delete or archive records.  Under a fully relational model all historical data may remain on-line.  TCM’s highly efficient method of storing data allows instant access to all data without performance being compromised by the number of records in the system.


The Clinical Manager™ is deployed with a single enterprise-wide server that stores data from all programs in one central depository.  Thus, each consumer has a single record, avoiding costly and time consuming repetition of information across systems.

Consumer Record Management

A common complaint of our customers before they started using TCM was the amount of repetitive input required in their old or manual systems.  At Clinical Data Solutions, we believe that data should only be input once.  From then on TCM automatically tracks all the data associated with a consumer.

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