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The Clinical Manager™ tracks all the information that is required to provide a bill and/or claim for reimbursable services.

The Clinical Manager™ tracks all the information that is required to provide a bill and/or claim for reimbursable services.  Non-reimbursable services may also be tracked and reported.  Payments may be applied to reimbursable services and tracked for contacts or authorizations.  Sample features are:


  • Service Codes, billing rates, and CPT codes for each type of service activity.

  • Provider credentials.

  • Locations

  • Consumer financial histories, including third party coverage, income, ability to pay, funding eligibility, managed care data, etc.

  • Contact data that stores all the above information for each service.

It has been our experience that unique requirements found in various state and local regulations governing the billing of mental health and AODA services cannot be adequately addressed with a pre-designed, off-the-shelf solution. Our billing solution is to custom design the final accounts receivable features for our customers on a case-by-case basis to exactly meet their needs. Helping our customers design systems to meet their billing needs has given us the skills to provide a cost effective system for any size agency.


State of Wisconsin

For agencies operating within the State of Wisconsin we offer a complete billing package that is modeled after the systems used in many of the counties in Wisconsin that includes the following features:


  • Historical Client Financial Data

    • Income

    • Monthly ability to pay

    • Third Party coverage

    • Billpayer tracking

  • Provider Credentials

    • Medical Assistance Prior Authorization forms and tracking

    • State of Wisconsin Sliding Fee Scale

    • Service Code Maintenance

    • Billing Rates

    • CPT and Procedure Codes

    • Eligible Locations, Providers and Programs

    • Automatic choice of rate based on level of provider education

  • Claims Generation From Service Contacts

    • HCFA 1500 Insurance Forms

    • Electronic Billing for Medicaid

    • Ad Hoc Claims Generation

  • Client Statements

    • Using Monthly Sliding Fee Scale

    • Account for Third Party Payments

  • Payment Tracking

    • Across Funding Sources and Programs


Building on the Wisconsin system, we are in a unique position to adapt a system that is in use by one quarter of the counties in the State of Wisconsin to fit your unique needs whether or not you are located in Wisconsin.

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