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Consumer Care

A system designed by front-line clinicians to manage their data is a giant leap in the world of behavioral health care data management.  Designed by people who live and breathe behavioral health care every day, The Clinical Manager™ has become an integral part of our customer’s daily work, allowing for more time to deliver services and less time needed to track data.

The Clinical Manager™ provides the framework for unlimited customer needs. Clinical data is organized around programs, which are then organized around user-defined domains or focus areas.  The following is a brief description of the core functionality for tracking consumer treatment plans.



Each new consumer has a referral or intake record for each referral episode. These records are program specific, allowing for the same consumer to have multiple referral records. Each record has related data as shown below. Most of these data elements are stored categorically and can be statistically summarized and analyzed.


  1. Referral source, date of referral, program, etc.

  2. Referral reasons

  3. Identified needs or presenting problems

  4. Program Eligibility Criteria

  5. Actions taken

  6. Disposition of the referral.


Each intake can accommodate a text-based assessment (by domain) that includes categorically identified needs and strengths from user defined options.

Treatment Plan (Plan of Care)

The Plan of Care is linked to an intake/referral and assessment. Data is organized by program and domain and includes the following:

  1. Identified Needs or presenting problems – these can be linked to the initial assessment.

  2. Measurable Outcomes – these outcomes can be linked to services provided and progress notes.

  3. Strengths – these can be linked to strengths in the initial assessment.

  4. Interventions/Authorizations – authorizations can be specific to providers and may include type of service, units authorized and authorized cost. Reports of utilization data comparing services authorized with services provided is available.


Assessment Tools

Additional standard and user designed assessment tools can be added relationally to

provide outcome measurement and program evaluation as required. Test scores of

any standardized test (CAFAS, BSI, etc.) can also be entered and analyzed.

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